Automatic Car Wash vs. Hand-Washing Your Car

January 25th, 2017 by

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Automatic Car Wash vs. Hand-Washing Your Car

Both automatic car washes and hand-washing your car have their pros and cons, but is one better than the other? We have a list of pros and cons to settle the car wash vs. hand-washing debate once and for all.

Automatic car washes are quick and easy, and they’ve come a long way—instead of just washing your car, you can ask for a range of extra services to protect your car and make it shine. On the other hand, automatic car washes use massive brushes that can leave scratches in your car’s paint.

Hand-washing your car at home is great because you can be precise, spot nooks and crannies that a car wash might have missed, and buff it to perfection with all your preferred products. While automatic washes are better than they used to be, there’s still nothing comparable to hand-waxing. You might not care that much about your car’s paint job, but there’s no arguing against better resale value.

The downside to hand-washing, besides that it’s time-consuming and hard to do in the winter, is that it releases all those chemicals used to wash it into the environment and down drains. Whereas automatic washes can dispose of the chemicals properly, it’s not so easy at home. You can combat this by using natural cleaning products, though.

Whichever you choose, weigh the pros and cons and make sure the risks of each are worth it before you decide.

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