Bring the Mitsubishi Canter Guts to the U.S.

March 20th, 2015 by

Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi has a wide array of vehicles available in the American market, but sadly, there are more options overseas. Each year, the auto company no doubt considers which models to bring to the United States.

Jalopnik has a suggestion, and Carriage Mitsubishi is seconding it. Give us an industrial work vehicle – the “Canter Guts” model – and let’s turn it into an SUV. That would make the Canter Guts the only cab-over luxury SUV on the U.S. market.

It would definitely only serve a very specific niche, but it’s a group that needs catering to nonetheless. Plus, it could represent the beginning of a shift in more commercial, cab-over vehicles.

Mitsubishi calls the Canter Guts “driver-oriented,” saying that “expands the realms of the possible,” with its high performance and functionality. It’s also incredibly fuel efficient, especially considering its size.

Also, the name “Guts” just sounds American. What do you think about the Mitsubishi Canter Guts? Want to see it stateside? Let us know in the comments.