Car Safety: How Airbags Work

November 4th, 2015 by



Airbag systems are proven to save lives, reducing the risk of injury or death in a car accident by up to 30%. If you’ve ever wondered how airbags work, here’s a quick look at the mechanics behind this important safety feature.

There are three parts of an airbag which help it to stop the momentum of the driver and passengers in the event of a crash. The main part is the bag, which is the part that inflates. There’s also the sensor, which is the part that senses when a crash takes place and tells the bag to inflate. The sensor is a mechanical switch that is triggered when the car collides with something solid at 10 to 15 mph.

The last part is the inflation system. This is the part that reacts when the sensor is triggered. The inflation system releases sodium azide and potassium nitrate to produce nitrogen gas, which then (very quickly) inflates the bag.

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