Family Indoor Activities for Alleviating Cabin Fever

January 6th, 2016 by

After the festivities of the holiday season are over, all that’s left is several months of the dead of winter. During this time, kids aren’t the only ones getting restless, and cabin fever starts to set in as everyone begins to dream of the warmth and freedom of summer. You might wonder if there are any family indoor activities that everyone in the house will enjoy. Here are some ideas.Family Indoor Activies

The most common idea is probably to establish some sort of family game night, when everyone sits together and enjoys a few board or card games. But family night doesn’t just need to be about gaming. Movie night is another option, or you could even engage in something more creative, such as finger-painting, making silly putty, or story time.

Some families like to think even more outside of the box and try to take outdoor activities inside. Imagine pitching a tent and camping in the living room, or putting down painter’s tape in a hopscotch pattern. You may even like to prepare a nice, summery lunch, lay a blanket down, and have a picnic inside.

Family indoor activities don’t have to be boring. All it takes is a little imagination – and maybe a few Google searches for various arts and crafts project ideas. Ultimately, what you choose to do with your inside time is up to you.