Incredible February Mitsubishi Sales Are Highest in Over a Decade

March 24th, 2017 by

February Mitsubishi Sales

While some automakers found themselves struggling last month, Mitsubishi had one of its most prosperous months in years, setting company records for sales during February.


In fact, Mitsubishi sales rose by 38.8% in February, while most major auto companies saw huge declines. These numbers represented the highest February sales hike for Mitsubishi in more than a decade.


Sales for the Mitsubishi Outlander specifically rose up by 72.8%, marking the best Outlander sales since 2003. More than 3,600 Mitsubishi Outlander models were sold. The Outlander and Outlander Sport models have been a huge hit with both families and more adventurous drivers, who like to take their journeys off road.


Similarly, sales for the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Mitsubishi mirage G4 combined went up by 145% compared to last February. These subcompact models offer much of the power of an SUV in a more efficient and maneuverable package.


The Mitsubishi Lancer saw stable increases as well, proving that the latest Mitsubishi lineup has been popular across the board.


Here at Carriage Mitsubishi, these stellar February Mitsubishi sales were no surprise to us. Come visit us anytime at our dealership, where we’ll set you up with a test drive so you can see for yourself just way the latest Mitsubishi models have been so popular!