Georgia State University Merger with Georgia Perimeter College

January 28th, 2015 by

GSU Merger

A Georgia State University merger may eliminate student’s ability to adjust to college life. The merge would close Georgia Perimeter College, a two year college. Students generally use GPC as a jumping off point to GSU. “I believe GPC was very important for me to figure out what I wanted to do career-wise after switching my major,” Troi Charity, a student, said. “It helped me adjust to college life after graduating high school and made the transition to Georgia State easier. I did better my first semester at Georgia State because of GPC.”

The Board of Regents approved the proposal. If it goes through, Georgia State University would become the largest public institution for higher education overseen by the state.

GPC has attracted many of its students due to accessibility, with five locations in the metro area, and affordability. GSU’s cost-per-credit-hour is three times the amount of GPC. Anthony Tricoli, former GPC President, had his own thoughts: “Asking these two institutions to merge… could result in a watered down mission for Georgia State, or a mission for GPC that simply doesn’t support about 70% of the incoming student population it enrolls.”

Georgia State has recently been climbing the ranks as a research university. The Board of Regents must approve the consolidation plan before any change will take effect.

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