Mitsubishi S-AWC and AWC Technology

Mitsubishi AWC SAWC Technology

Providing exceptional stability and control is an important part of Mitsubishi’s engineering philosophy, and our Super All-Wheel Control and All-Wheel Control, or S-AWC and AWC, are a big part of that. Mitsubishi believes that all-wheel drive is worth having no matter the current weather, and that the superior handling it offers is notable.

Mitsubishi AWC and S-AWC technology is an intelligent drive system that reads road conditions and automatically transfers control to the wheels with the best traction. So if you drive over an icy patch on one side, the AWC will remove control from those two wheels and give it only to the wheels on the other side that aren’t driving over ice. This reduces the potential for skidding and hydroplaning.

AWC only allows for front to back changes in power, but with S-AWC you also get side to side control, so that power can let up on just one wheel at a time, maintaining maximum control while making you safer in any road conditions.

AWC and S-AWC are standard or optional on several Mitsubishi models, so go for a test drive and experience the excellent handling and traction these state of the art technologies offer!

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