Mitsubishi Unveils Lancer EVO X Final Concept

January 7th, 2015 by

Back at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mitsubishi Motors North America Executive Vice President Don Swearingen confirmed two things to multiple sources: 1) there are no plans whatsoever for an Evolution XI and 2) there will be a special “final edition” of the EVO X hitting the States sometime in June.

With Mitsubishi discontinuing the Lancer EVO in other markets—including its native Japan—multiple markets will wind up receiving send-off editions of the popular performance sedan. The Lancer EVO X Final Concept, which will be Mitsubishi’s way of saying farewell to the EVO in Japan, will be unleashed at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon and could very well foreshadow the Final Edition we see in the US.

Given the upgrades, we here at Carriage Mitsubishi have absolutely no complaints about that. Most notably, the Lancer EVO X Final Concept gets an HKS turbocharger that ups the output from 291 horsepower to 473 horsepower. It also features a retuned ECU, bigger intakes and intercoolers, height-adjustable suspension, improved exhaust and cooling system, and a unique matte and gloss black finish.

Watch this space to learn more about the Lancer EVO X Final Concept and when you can expect to get your order in for the EVO X’s swan song.