Mitsubishi’s Mission During the Super Bowl: Protect the Pie

February 11th, 2015 by

Protect the Pie

Everyone has a part to play during the Super Bowl. For some, it’s hosting the party, for others it’s bringing the pizza to that party, and for Malcolm Butler it’s making the game-winning interception.

Mitsubishi’s role during the Super Bowl, meanwhile, was to protect the guy bringing that pizza in what it called the “Protect the Pie” mission. We’ll let the automaker explain:

“As many pizzerias prepare for one of the busiest delivery days of the year, Mitsubishi Motors is going the extra mile to protect a local pizza driver, and protect the pie, this Sunday with one of America’s safest CUVs, the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander.”

The motivation behind this was the aftermath of the winter storm Juno, which left Boston with 24 inches of snow, icy roads, and slush everywhere. The driving conditions during Super Bowl Sunday were extremely bad, so Mitsubishi took it upon itself to hand a 2015 Outlander to one local pizza delivery guy and have some fun with it.

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