National EcoDriving Month – How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

May 8th, 2015 by

Fuel Efficient Mitsubishi

One might be familiar with the typical celebrations of May, which include Cinco de May, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day – but did you also know that May is National EcoDriving Month as well as Clean Air Month? So, to help celebrate, here are some tips from on how to improve fuel efficiency and keep it green – both environmentally and in your wallet.

Make sure that your car is properly maintained.

  1. Check and maintain your tire inflation
  2. Clear junk from the trunk (and throughout the vehicle) to reduce weight
  3. Tune-up your engine
  4. Use synthetic oil
  5. Replace your oil filter as directed by the owner’s manual

During EcoDriving month, we also encourage drivers to focus on their driving habits:

  1. Steadily accelerate and decelerate your car instead of immediately putting the pedal to the metal
  2. Limit the amount of time you keep your car in idle
  3. Tactically use the A/C as well as the windows – obviously not at the same time
  4. Follow the posted speed limit – this can help you advantageously hit green lights, ultimately improving fuel economy
  5. Planning routes before you embark – whether near or far – can help ensure unnecessary mileage is mitigated

We at Carriage Mitsubishi hope everyone has great success celebrating National EcoDriving and Clean Air month, not only during May, but throughout the entire year, as well.