Mitsubishi Outlander HD Radio Technology


Mitsubishi Outlander HD Radio Technology


The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander HD Radio technology is a factory-installed feature that instantly gives you access to weather, traffic, fuel use, and of course a wide array of radio programs like HD2 and HD3 as well as Artist Experience.

Program information is another helpful part of HD Radio. This gives you the scoop on the title and artist of the song currently on the radio and tells you about the station you’re listening to. The radio stations are local, and HD Radio has no monthly fee.

HD Radio is all about staying current and informed. The traffic app provides up to the minute information on congestion, detours, and more. The fuel app lets you find the least expensive gas near you, so this helpful tech will even save you some money!

This technology is a step up from the less sophisticated analog radio, which has muddier sound quality. HD Radio is crystal clear and lessens feedback and outside noises. And the best part? HD Radio is available on every new Outlander, for no additional cost. Deals don’t get better than that!



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