Redesigned Mitsubishi Mirage to Return in 2017

September 9th, 2015 by


Mitsubishi Mirage to be redesigned

Despite recent speculation that it would vanish after not claiming a place in Mitsubishi’s 2016 lineup, the redesigned Mitsubishi Mirage will be making a comeback as a 2017 model. This sort of thing is rare; most vehicles that skip a year never quite make it back to production. However, Mitsubishi has chosen to extend the life of the 2015 model – which beat the Outlander and Lancer in sales this past July – and wait to release the 2017 revamp sometime next spring.

Releasing the 2017 Mirage in this way will also help Mitsubishi cut costs. When taking the current year model’s tremendous success into account, making more of the same certainly won’t be detrimental to sales, and releasing and marketing a 2016 version would only be a needless expense given the 2017 model’s early spring release date.

The new improvements to the Mirage include powertrain and chassis enhancements, but that’s not all Mitsubishi has added; they also listened to customer demand for a four-door sedan variant of the car, an option that is already available in other parts of the world beside North America. The base for the sedan version also comes from the ever-popular Nissan Versa sedan, so the redesigned Mitsubishi Mirage is sure to be a hit.

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