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Carriage Mitsubishi Service Center

Not every automotive service center is built alike. America is full of auto repair shops that hire inexperienced mechanics or uncertified mechanics. Here at Carriage Mitsubishi, we don’t believe in hiring anything but certified technicians who have the experience it takes to know these vehicles inside and out. Your Mitsubishi is one special machine, and only a certified tech should ever touch it. It’s a legendary brand, so only legendary certified techs who have years of experience with the brand itself should have their hands on your vehicle. And when you come to Carriage Mitsubishi for your auto repair and maintenance, you can rest assured that our certified techs are going to bring their A-game every time they work on your vehicle.

When you bring your vehicle into our auto repair center, expect the kind of service that exceeds expectations. We’re a friendly but professional bunch here, devoted solely to the brand at hand, and that brand is Mitsubishi, a legendary name in the automotive world. We treat your vehicle with the respect and care it deserves. Expect nothing less but complete satisfaction when you drive onto our lot and ask us to keep your vehicle running in tip top shape.

Services Provided

Sometimes you need maintenance. Sometimes you need intricate auto repair. Our certified technicians are qualified to work on any of the systems of your Mitsubishi vehicle. Whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV, you can bet that our mechanics have experience working on that system. You might need a simple oil change, tire rotation, or fluid replenishment. And you might come in with an undiagnosed repair that requires immediate and intense attention. Either way, we can handle it! Our techs can work on engines, transmissions, and brakes on these vehicles because they’ve had massive amounts of experience handling and repairing these vehicles. When you bring your vehicle to us for repair or maintenance, it’s always in good, expert hands.

Quality OEM Parts

Some repair centers use Aftermarket parts, and we respectfully disagree with this decision. Yes, the aftermarket parts may be cheaper, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!” And if you’re bringing in a Mitsubishi, we believe that only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are good enough for that vehicle. That’s what the manufacturer intended to go in that vehicle, and when you bring it to us, you can bet we’re going to use only OEM parts on your vehicle. It’s worth the extra price. Some of the aftermarket parts are simply not good enough for your brand’s vehicles, so expect only the originals to be sitting in our repair shop ready to serve your needs. These are the parts that Mitsubishi designed for YOUR vehicle, and we fervently believe that those are the parts that should go into your car when you bring it into our shop.

Here at Carriage Mitsubishi, it’s our life’s work to both sell and service the brand’s vehicles. We sell them with a lot of love and our repair center treats them with a lot of love, too. Thanks to our comprehensive dealership, you can get a one stop shop for all of your needs, whether you need to buy a great Mitsubishi vehicle or simple get one serviced. Call us at 678-717-0800, or visit us at 2801 Browns Bridge Rd. Gainesville, GA 30504.

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