30/60/90,000 Mile Service Appointments

30/60/90,000 mile service

Seeing your dealership or mechanic regularly for scheduled maintenance is important for your car’s health, and if you’re prone to skipping these appointments, make sure you don’t skip the 30/60/90,000 mile service appointments. This is the time your car gets a thorough checkup and any wear and tear is taken care of, and this is integral in making sure your car lives a long and healthy life.

At these appointments, your technician will thoroughly investigate the mechanical parts, electrical systems, and fluids in your car to see what repairs or replacements need done. They’ll also give you a schedule for future maintenance on parts that don’t need replaced immediately.

The technician will check a wide variety of parts during this maintenance visit and, based on need, might perform an oil change, replace your spark plugs, change the fuel and vent filters, check the belts and hoses, rotate the tires, examine the brakes, measure the tire pressure, clean the engine and brakes, flush the coolant and brake systems, and a number of other repairs, replacements, and cleanings.

These regular checkups are of course vital to extending your car’s life, but there are plenty of other reasons to make sure you get them. They’re an important part of preserving your warranty, for one thing, and they make it less likely for your car to break down. Having clean filters and hoses also helps improve fuel economy, and a healthier car means better resale value down the line.

Between what you’ll save on repairs, towing, gas, and resale, you’ll save tons of money by going in for repairs after 30, 60, and 90,000 miles!

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