Spring Car Cleaning Ideas

February 23rd, 2017 by

Winter brings many hazards, one of them being a dirty car that needs some loving care as the weather grows warmer. Here are a few useful spring car cleaning tips from us here at Carriage Mitsubishi so you can start the warmer weather off right!


Spring Car Cleaning - Exterior


Exterior – Your car’s exterior is essentially a first impression for anyone you may meet. Take the time to give it a good wash. Remove all the salt, dirt, and grime that accumulated over winter. Keep an eye out for any scratches, dents, and dings too! Once all is said and done, a proper wax job will leave your car shining for weeks to come.




Spring Car Cleaning - Wheels


Wheels – Dirt and salt tend to accumulate in the wheels, and many drivers forget to wash them. Take the extra step and remove your hub caps this spring. Give them a good scrubbing then move to the wheels. Apply some tire shine to go with your recently waxed car!





Spring Car Cleaning - Compartments


Compartments – It’s likely that trash managed to accumulate in your vehicle’s storage compartments. Tackle those before cleaning any other part of the interior. Take a trash bag and dive into the fast food bags, wrappers, and receipts. Make sure to clean out the cup holders and glove compartment!






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