Take a Road Trip on Read a Road Map Day

April 6th, 2016 by


Read a Road Map Day


If you are over the age of 30, you likely have at least some experience reading a road map, even if it was just being the navigator while your parents were driving. But, can you even remember the last time you used a paper map? If you or someone in your family has no experience navigating the old fashioned way, it’s time to learn.

April 5 is recognized as Read a Road Map Day, which will give you the perfect opportunity to brush up your skills and/or teach someone a new skill while taking an awesome road trip. While you might think you will never need a paper map again, imagine what you would do if you are in a remote area and your cell phone battery dies, or someone steals your GPS, or you are having a long series of technical problems. It’s always a good idea to keep a paper map or atlas in your car for instances like these.

To really test your map reading skills, we suggest going someplace you have never been before. To make it even more adventurous, you could lay your paper map out on the table and then toss a coin and see where it lands—make that your destination.

If you’re teaching someone how to read a map, show them how to interpret the roads, the compass rose, the map scale, and the city index and corresponding grid locations (usually listed on the back).

Are you planning to refresh your map reading skills on Read a Road Map Day?