The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

December 19th, 2016 by

oil changesOne of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep your car running smoothly is by getting its oil changed on a regular basis. We’re going to share five reasons why regular oil changes are so important.

  1. Keeps everything lubricated. There are thousands of moving parts within your car’s engine. The oil keeps everything moving smoothly.
  2. Cools the engine. All those moving pieces create heat from friction. The oil not only reduces the friction, but draws the heat away from the engine.
  3. Improves efficiency. A poorly lubricated engine has to work harder, which means it uses more gasoline. With clean oil, the engine will operate like it should and maintain its efficiency.
  4. Cleans the engine. As oil gets older, it starts to break down and turn into sludge. This sludge can wreak havoc on your engine, sometimes causing permanent damage. With regular oil changes, your engine stays clean.
  5. Extends the life of your car. By changing your oil on the schedule listed in your owner’s manual, your car will last for years to come. You’ll be preventing unnecessary build-up and ensuring your engine works the way it should.

If you’ve fallen behind on your oil changes, schedule an appointment with us today here at Carriage Mitsubishi.

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