Warmer Weather, Wetter Roads: Spring Driving Tips

March 27th, 2015 by



April showers bring May flowers – not to mention added driving hazards. Now that it’s spring, we often see more motorcycles and bikes on the road, as well as wetter roads. We’ve put together a list of spring driving tips to help you stay safe this season.

According to AARP, this time of year often brings more precipitation than normal. In order to prepare for this, you should make sure your lights are working properly and replace your windshield wipers. Remember, if your wipers are on, your lights should be too.

More rain also means wet roads. This can be a problem when large amounts of water combine with oil on the road to produce particularly slippery surfaces, as well as large pools of water. If it is raining, or has rained recently, make sure to slow down. This will help prevent hydroplaning, one of the leading causes of accidents this time of year.

Aside from more rain, you can also expect to see more bikers. This includes motorcycles and bicycles, both of which you may be forced to share the road with. Make sure to look twice when you’re turning; you could save a life. Also, leave extra room, as two wheeled vehicles often appear further than they actually are.

With these tips in mind, you should have no problem staying safe this spring.  Be sure to stop in to Carriage Mitsubishi if you need your tires, wiperblades, or oil changed!