Why Buy An SUV

Why Buy An SUV

The popularity of the SUV has surged – but why?  There are many things that make an SUV great, but let’s go over the top highlights here:

  1. Vehicle Safety – Bigger cars have an increased visibility and handling, which make it a more controlled ride.
  2. Towing Capacity – SUVs also provide towing capabilities that smaller cars can’t. They can tow other cars, boats, and trailers, just to name some.
  3. Extra Seating – This is why SUVs are great for families and family friends. Some SUVs can fit up to nine passengers comfortably, which makes them similar to vans, but more stylish and sporty.
  4. Extra Space – The cargo area in SUVs is a big reason for their popularity. There’s not only ample room when all seats are up, but even more when seat are folded down, as nearly all SUV seats are capable of doing.
  5. More Horsepower – The extra horsepower that comes with an SUV can help when getting up a hill or out of a ditch.
  6. Fuel Efficient Options – Owning an SUV doesn’t mean having huge gas bills. There are still fuel-efficient options to go with, like smaller SUVs and hybrids.

So if you have ever thought, “Why Buy An SUV?” just remember that SUVs really are the perfect vehicle for you if you have a family or need a lot of storage or some extra power to get you where you are going!

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