Will We See a Mitsubishi Evolution Crossover?

July 7th, 2017 by

Will We See a Mitsubishi Evolution Crossover?

In 2015, Mitsubishi retired the Lancer Evolution. The long-running sports sedan had spent a long time on the market as one of the brand’s most popular names. But with a new direction comes a new lineup and Mitsubishi decided to focus its resources on churning out new crossovers and SUVs after the wild popularity of the Outlander.

However, the Evolution’s sporty charm may end up living on in the form of an athletic crossover. The Mitsubishi Evolution crossover hasn’t quite been confirmed by brand representatives, but we do know the possibility is on the table.

Auto news source Motoring.com.au sat down with Mitsubishi’s chief operating officer Trevor Mann for an interview, where Mann spilled the news. Well, almost. Mann hinted that the brand’s next performance vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to be a sedan and given Mitsubishi’s recent favoritism towards the SUV/crossover segment, the implication that we could have a Mitsubishi performance crossover on the way was made clear.

Since the possibility of the Mitsubishi Evolution crossover is still up in the air, there’s no launch date in mind outside of “between three and six years from now.” Nevertheless, our team here at Carriage Mitsubishi is eagerly awaiting news of the brand’s latest exploration of the crossover segment, especially after the stunning Eclipse Cross was revealed earlier this year.