Fuel Economy Tips for Winter

August 30th, 2017 by

Fuel Economy Tips for Winter

Driving in winter weather can be a real challenge, and one result can be reduced fuel economy. Rain, snow, high winds and icy roads can conspire to trip up even the best drivers. But you don’t have to let yourself be defeated by slippery roads. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for winter’s worst:

  1. Prep the car for cold weather: Some simple maintenance tasks are recommended. Be ready to switch out your normal tires for snow tires, and keep them properly inflated at all times. Flush and refill your antifreeze, and switch to winter weight motor oil at your next change. Top off the window washer fluid and treat yourself to a pair of heavy duty wipers inserts.
  2. Control the car: Sliding all over the road wastes fuel and creates danger. Experts advise that you disengage cruise control when the road is slippery. Always look and steer in the direction you want to travel. Accelerate and decelerate slowly when roads are slick. Don’t stab at the brakes.
  3. Pack emergency equipment: In case you run out of gas while stranded in a winter storm, always travel with a full gas canister and a first-aid kit in the car. For winter driving, you’ll also want to carry blankets (to stay warm) and sand (if your wheels are spinning). It’s also a good idea to pack a snow shovel and ice scraper.
  4. Clear snow and ice: You will want to clear ice and snow off your car before you embark – the extra weight wastes gas. Scrape ice off the windows, lights, mirror, hood, roof, trunk and reflectors. A water-repellent product can be applied to the windows.
  5. Your phone is your friend: It is recommended that you fully charge your phone before you go out in bad weather, and an in-car charger is a splendid idea. This way, you can get roadside assistance if you run out of gas. If you get caught in a blizzard, dial for help and remain in your car. Run the heater 10 minutes every hour, but crack a window slightly.
  6. Adjust your speed: Those speed limits posted on the road are appropriate for good driving conditions. In bad weather, slow down, increase your following distance and keep your headlights on. Travelling too fast can put extra burden on your engine and wheels, which are not good for gas mileage.

You can have our Mitsubishi Service Center perform a full winter checkout for your car to ensure it is in optimum condition for the season, so stop in today!

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